World Dryer J-974 in White Aluminum

With features such as multiple voltage settings, superfast drying times, and nearly noiseless operations, the World Dryer Air Force J-974 in white aluminum offers great benefits in a space-saving design. Combine these advantages with Allied’s quick shipping, low pricing, easy ordering, and superior customer service, and you can see why these products offer such great value.

Here are just some of the many reasons to choose the World Dryer Air Force J-974 in white aluminum for your facility’s restrooms:

  • Twelve-second drying times to serve more users faster.
  • Thirty percent greater energy efficiency than competing products.
  • Whisper-quiet operation that makes the dryer perfect for noise-sensitive locations.
  • Multi-port design offers premium comfort and effectiveness.
  • Modular components make unit easy to service.
  • Built-in SteriTouch antimicrobial features reduce bacterial growth.
  • Button-free operation makes maintenance easier and removes the need for a germ-attracting start switch.
  • Sleek, polished design flatters any décor; the unit makes a perfect addition to any location.
  • GreenSpec listing can help your organization qualify for LEED credits.

So give your customers and employees all the benefits that only modern warm-air hand drying can provide. Place your order for the J-974 dryer in white aluminum with Allied today.

Hand Dryers versus Paper Towels: Here Are the Facts

Numerous science-based studies prove what we’ve been saying for years: paper towels simply can’t match the benefits offered by today’s high-efficiency electric hand dryers. Here’s why:

  • Hand dryers require far less energy and other resources to manufacture than paper towels. Plus, most of the components in a modern hand dryer can be reused once the product lifecycle ends, unlike nonrecyclable paper towels.
  • Hand dryers won’t take up your valuable storage space, unlike bulky, heavy cases of paper towels.
  • Hand dryers are more sanitary than soggy, dirt- and mucus-filled used paper towels.
  • Investing in modern hand dryers frees you from the never-ending replacement costs associated with paper towel use.

With all these benefits, why not place your order with Allied today? We offer superfast shipping and our famous low-price guarantee.

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