The Xlerator Hand Dryer Helps Keep Brooklyn Bowling

The Xlerator Hand Dryer Helps Keep Brooklyn Bowling

There are many unsung heroes in this world. One is the Xlerator hand dryer. This humble product has made a hugely positive impact on the environment by reducing landfill waste and forest devastation. The Xlerator hand dryer has even won accolades from Business Wire for the role it plays in making one of New York's most innovative businesses more ecologically friendly. Here's the scoop.

From Ironworks to Bowling Alley, Restaurant, and Concert Venue

Reclaiming and repurposing older buildings is a smart move both economically and environmentally. Entrepreneur Peter Shapiro realized this in 2009 when he purchased the 23,000-square-foot structure that once held the Hecla Ironworks in Brooklyn, New York. Shapiro renovated the property from top to bottom, turning it into a combination bowling alley, restaurant, and concert hall, known as Brooklyn Bowl. This funky entertainment venue has since become one of the hippest places to hang out in all of New York City, hosting big-name acts like Guns N' Roses and Elvis Costello.

One of Shapiro's goals in building Brooklyn Bowl was to make it the first LEED-certified bowling alley on Earth. The building's lights are powered by windmills. The lounge floor is made of reclaimed cork. All beer is served on tap to eliminate can and bottle waste. The stage is made from recycled truck tires. But perhaps most importantly, each restroom has an Xlerator hand dryer instead of costly, wasteful paper towels. Shapiro and other smart businesspeople know that eco-friendly products like hand dryers not only benefit the planet but also their bottom line. The Xlerator offers ultrafast drying times, energy-efficient construction, and unsurpassed build quality to go the distance, making it an ideal addition to any facility.

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