Made In U.S.A.: Excel Dryers

Made In U.S.A.: Excel Dryers

XLERATOR Excel Hand Dryer


Buy American: Another Case for Staying Stateside


Manufacturing is a key economic driver in America. It inspires innovation and product development while providing employment opportunities, right here in the states. Not too long ago, another case for supporting American-made products—their availability—became notably clear. In April 2021, stories about the shipping vessel that was lodged in the Suez Canal were everywhere. Although the incident only held up passage for six days, the Canal accounts for 30% of the world’s daily shipping container freight. The implication? Businesses and consumers are likely to feel the mishap’s aftereffects for some time.


This situation points to yet another benefit of American manufacturing—or, more accurately, of a strategy that keeps production and parts sourcing within the borders of the same country. Thatis product availability. Excel Dryer is one an American manufacturing company that has always embraced the domestic supply chain model, inherently offering the many advantages that come with it.

Pride in Domestic Production


Days after taking office, President Biden had signed an executive order that could incentivize American businesses to partner with manufacturers here in the U.S. before seeking production overseas. Designed to change government spending, the order urges federal agencies to give preference to domestic producers—that is, to Buy American.


Building on 1993’s Buy American Act, the recent order increases the content percentage of a product considered to be “Made in the USA.” This is another step in the right direction, but we hope that additional standardization will be applied across industries. Though the Federal Trade Commission offers basic information on Made in USA claims,  closer inspection reveals that disclosures vary depending upon the product purchased. For example, American manufacturers must disclose U.S. content of textiles, wool, fur products and automobiles. For other categories, however, the regulations include wording that’s not necessarily cut-and-dried. The result is potential difficulty in discerning the true origin of certain products, for a consumer deciding what to buy.

One Company’s Commitment


In the words of company president Denis Gagnon, Excel Dryer has been “proud to be an American manufacturer of quality products people enjoy using and can depend on.” Long before either President Biden’s order or the unfortunate Canal incident, Excel Dryer made a steadfast commitment, which the company has demonstrated in a several ways: 


  • Excel Dryer’s three signature hand dryers were the first in the industry to be Made in USA Certified.
  • They fought and won a dispute with the International Trade Commission around the availability of knock-off products in ecommerce marketplaces, ensuring t those who want XLERATOR® Hand Dryers are guaranteed the real innovation.
  • Excel Dryer helps to fuel our local economy, employing a team of 50+ American workers who live in communities close to their manufacturing facility.


As a distributor who believes in product testing and transparent information sharing, we’re proud to partner with Excel Dryer—and as our valued customer, you will enjoy their proven product quality and reliability. We welcome questions about this American-made company or product line.

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