Clean Air Hand Dryers for Service Businesses

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Benefits of Clean Air Hand Dryers for Service Based Businesses

Service-based businesses and institutions like car dealers, health clinics, schools, gyms, and similar organizations have much to gain from installing clean air hand dryers in their restrooms. That's because these cutting-edge products can save you money while promoting healthier surroundings and a better environment for everyone. Here's how:

  • Today's restroom hand dryers are leaps and bounds ahead of both paper towels and models released just a few years ago. They're ultra-safe, highly dependable, and energy-efficient. Many models dry hands thoroughly in 10 seconds or less. This prevents time-consuming waiting lines in your restrooms, while freeing you from the health hazards and endless costs associated with using paper towels.
  • Modern clean air hand dryers use concentrated jets of gently warm air to clean hands. They cost virtually nothing to operate and are made with a high degree of recyclable materials. Paper towels, on the other hand, create numerous never-ending burdens on your budget. You spend up to $0.10 every time a patron uses paper towels in your location. Multiply this by the number of people who visit your restrooms, and it's easy to see how these costs can turn into hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Restroom hand dryers, on the other hand, cost less than a penny per operating cycle, freeing up those funds for better uses.
  • Paper towels promote disease. To see why, consider that used paper towels can contain billions of illness-causing germs. That's not our opinion, it's the verdict of numerous scientific studies performed by world-class laboratories. What could be worse for your health than mounds of soaking wet, filthy towels littering your wastebaskets and pouring out of them to infest your counters, floors, and other spaces?
  • Because paper towels cannot be recycled, they will sit in your local landfill for years, perhaps decades to come. As they rot, they will release toxic chemicals and microorganisms into your air and water table. Why subject your community to these hazards when modern clean air hand dryers are so affordable and efficient?

Some of the best hand dryers for service-oriented businesses and institutions include the Dyson AirBlade and Tap series and the fine line of Excel XL products. Why not take a moment to look at these products here on our site and see for yourself the benefits they offer? You'll be glad you did.