Airpura UV600-V & UV614-V Air Filtration System - Upgraded Carbon plus mold, micro-organism

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Airpura UV600-V is a multi-spec filter and upgraded carbon filter that provides unbelievable protection from germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold. The upgraded V - carbon adds protection against odors such as highway fumes, cigarette smoke and furniture smells while the multi-spec protection filters out particulate matter, odors and gases such as paints, paints thinners, and solvents.

Product Specifications:

Coverage: Effective up to 2000 sq ft depending on model and speed.
UV Germicidal Lamp: sterilizes antigens, pathogens and mold spores as they are trapped on the filters
Size: 23" high, 15" wide
UV Lamp: 18 watt, 17 inch germicidal U shaped lamp
HEPA: 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface
Carbon: 18 lbs Enhanced Impregnated Carbon
Fan/Motor CFM (PreFilters): 560 CFM, largest in the industry
Delivered CFM (PostFilters): Estimated at Low 100 CFM, Med 246 CFM, High ranges between 366 CFM. CFM will vary with different configurations. Highest CFM in the residential realm.
Voltage: Standard 110V
Voltage Option: 220V with approval and additional charge
Watts: 120W on high and 40W on low
Sound Level: 28.1 db on low at 6 ft, 45.2 db on med, 62.3 db on high (560CFM), Room Level 25.1 db
Power Consumption: 40W-120W
Caster: Yes
Fan Speed: Variable
ETL Certified: Conforms to CSA C22.2 no 113, ANSI /UL 507
Warranty on Residential Units: 5 yrs parts and 10 years labor
Warranty on Industrial/Commercial Units: 2 yrs parts and 5 years labor

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