Changing Tables for Restaurants

Wall mounted baby changing stations are a must for any public place and are especially useful for places frequented by parents and families. If you any sort of food establishment, selecting the right baby changing station for restaurants is vital.

Baby changing stations are designed to be ADA compliant and meet ASTM load requirements when properly installed, ensuring the safety of your guests. So when it comes to choosing a baby changing station, what should restaurant owners look for?

Proper Installation is Key

This should be the top concern of any business that is open to the public. To make sure you choose a baby changing station that will be safe for your guests, start with proper installation. Baby changing stations are rigorously tested to make sure that guests are not injured during operation or use of the unit.

However, this can only be guaranteed when the unit is installed according to the directions. Restaurant owners should consult a qualified contractor to evaluate the intended space and install the unit.

Horizontal or Vertical Mounting?

The most popular baby changing station models offer a range of mounting options to suit nearly any restroom space. The most sought-after options include vertical and horizontal mounting, which gives owners the option to choose a changing station that easily fits the intended space.

For spaces with a narrower mounting surface, vertical mount changing stations are a better option. For larger spaces, horizontal mount units are recommended.

Safety Features

Keeping guests and their children safe is a top priority of restaurant owners and baby changing stations are designed with safety in mind. The top models include steel reinforced hinges that not only stabilize the unit but are also hidden to minimize the risk of injury. 

Allied is a Leading Baby Changing Station Supplier 

For the biggest selection of horizontal and vertical baby changing stations, Allied is a trusted provider. All changing stations ship free, have no sales tax and are covered by the Allied price match guarantee. For help choosing a baby change station, contact Allied customer service at 1-800-535-4393.

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