DYSON Airblade WD05 TALL SKU 247663-01- Wash & Dry Hands at the Sink

by Dyson

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DYSON Airblade Wash and Dryer Stainless Steel (Model WD05 TALL) - WASH + DRY at Sink, SKU # 247663-01 (Low Voltage) / #247910-01 (High Voltage)

Combination Stainless Steel Water Tap & Airblade Hand Dryer


The new DYSON Airblade Wash+Dry is the 2nd generation of an electric hand dryer that combines a water faucet into its design. Above the counter top surface and directly over the sink is an attractive and easy to clean water tap/hand dryer spigot. Made of laser-welded brushed stainless steel, the Airblade Wash+Dry is ready to deliver either water or air. (Specific to the WD05 Tall and this listing, this spigot is 12-1/4” tall). But under the counter lies the heart of the Airblade Wash+Dry – the extremely powerful yet compact Dyson V4 Digital Motor. Neatly concealed under the counter and designed for easy, quick disconnect for servicing, the V4 Motor is the exact same motor found in the full-sized DYSON Airblade dB (AB14) and the ADA compliant DYSON Airblade V (HU02). It provides that same drying performance and energy efficiency as the other Airblade designs but in an “over-the-sink” configuration that saves valuable wall & floor space and keeps the floor dryer, safer, & more hygienic. Both water and air delivery is sensor-activated. There are no handles to turn or buttons to push. The entire operation is hygienically touch-free. Intelligent infrared sensors pinpoint hand position with a beam of light. Computer circuitry then analyzes this information and initiates the appropriate response of water or air without hesitation. Either the water valve is activated to gently disperse aerated water across the user's hands or the Dyson V4 digital motor powers on. Like a squeegee made of air, the Airblade scrapes water from every crevice on the hand and gently dries more quickly and thoroughly than any other hand dryer on the market. Two thin sheets of air traveling at 420 mph exit the 0.8 mm wide laser-cut slots on both arms of the tap. Water scraped from the each hand separately and simultaneously in just 14 seconds. No other hand dryer has this patented energy-efficient Airblade technology. The faster dry time means less electricity is used. And since no heating element is required, the Airblade consumes considerably less energy than warm air hand dryers that work on the concept of evaporation. Using digital pulse technology, this powerful brushless motor spins at an astonishing rate of 92,000 times a minute (11,000 rpm faster than the previous generation of motors) while only requiring 1400 watts to do so. The Airblade motor is powerful enough to draw all of its air through a dense HEPA filter prior to ever touching the user’s hands - removing 99.97% of all bacteria from that air. (Estimated filter life is over 300,000 cycles.) The air this unit returns to the washroom is actually cleaner than the air it draws in. The Airblade Wash+Dry has a motor mounted on springs to reduce vibration and keep noise to a minimum (80 to 81dB). Each unit comes with a 5 year parts warranty and a 5 year limited labor warranty. Mounting instructions and warranty information are included. While compatible with most sink types, the Wash+Dry should not be installed with sinks that do not meet these minimum dimension: 13-3/4” wide, 11-3/4” front to back, and 4” deep. Sinks with highly polished, reflective surfaces (e.g. bright chrome) are not recommended due to the interference with the infrared sensors.


Please Note: Other DYSON Airblade models (including the WD04 Short & WD06 Wall) also in stock for immediate shipping.

Dimensions: WD05(Above the Counter): 12-3/16 in High x 11-15/16 in Wide x 11-1/4 in Deep;Motor Bucket(Below the Counter): 10-7/16 in High (Plus 14 5/8 in Flexible Conduit) x 5-9/16 in Wide x 7-7/16; Weight: Net: 10.5 lbs; Packaged: 14.4 lbs.

Electrical Specification:110/127 Volts; 11.7 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 1400 Watts OR 208-240 Volts, 7.3 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 1400 Watts

Water Ingress Protection rated to IP35

5-Year Parts Warranty and 5-Year Limited Labor Warranty

ETL Listed (in accordance with UL507), GreenSpec Listed, HACCP Certified, NSF Certified, ADA Compliant, and LEED Credit Eligible for Optimized Energy Performance and for Sustainable Purchasing & Solid Waste Management

FREE SHIPPING via UPS to anywhere in the Contiguous United States.


  • Enables users to wash and dry their hands at the same sink.
  • Stainless Steel - Brushed
  • 14 Second Dry Time
  • Unique Design
  • No dripping on floor
  • HEPA Filter to filter antimicrobials
  • Space-saving design takes up less room.
  • Touch Free Operation
  • Controlled Water Rate
  • Built by Dyson, a truly world-class company.


The new Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry WD05 Tall brings a new level of hygiene and convenience to commercial restroom environments. This product allows restroom patrons to wash their hands and then dry them while standing in the same spot. This is made possible by its V4 digital motor, a revolutionary very compact but high-powered motor that took Dyson engineers seven years to design and build. If you're looking for a true state-of-the-art solution for your restrooms, then you’ve come to the right place.


The Dyson Airblade Tap prevents restroom users from dripping dirty water all over your counters and floors. The moisture is redirected to flow down the drain instead, ridding the restroom of harmful germs and promoting better sanitation and good health throughout your facility.


The Dyson Airblade Tap is encased in an attractive brushed stainless steel for eye-catching good looks that you and your patrons will appreciate.


The Dyson Airblade Tap is designed with world-class safety features to prevent any electric shocks or other accidents. You can rest assured this product will perform flawlessly when installed according to directions.


Dyson is renowned across the globe for building superior products for discerning clients. The Airblade Tap is an example of the innovation and commitment to excellence they bring to the table with everything they do.


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