Excel XL-BWV XLerator REPLACEMENT OPTIC SENSOR (Part Ref. XL 15 / Stock# 30089XL)*

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XLERATOR Optic Sensor / Infrared Sensor (Part Ref. XL 15 / Stock# 30089XL) for the High-Voltage Excel XL-BWV XLerator WHITE THERMOSET / BULK MOLDED COMPOUND (BMC) AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER

This Optic Sensor (Stock# 30089XL) is rated for 110V to 277V.

* Please note that this XLERATOR Optic Sensor (XL-15 / Stock# 30089XL) applies to all  XLerators with a Serial No. less than 900000 and the Control Assembly (XL-7 / Stock# 40102).  This Optic Sensor (Stock# 30089XL) is also applicable to any XLerator with a Serial No. between 900000 & 999999 and that also has the 40102 Control Assembly.  If uncertain, please call 1-800-535-4393 for assistance.

** If your XLerator's Serial No. is greater than 999999 or if your XLerator has the more recent Control Assembly with Speed & Heat Control (XL 7 / Stock# 40103), please see the separate listing for the XLERATOR Optic Sensor (Part Ref. XL 15 / Stock# 30088). 

In other words, the Optic Sensor (Stock # 30089XL) is the earlier/previous version of the two available XLerator XL 15 Optic Sensors.  It is specifically designed to work with the Control Board Stock# 40102 (and not the more recent Control Board Stock# 40103).  Each Optic Sensor #30089XL includes the metal mounting bracket.

Please note that the Optic Sensor (Part Ref. XL 15 / Stock# 30089XL) is also available / included as a combination with the Control Assembly (Part Ref. XL 7 / Stock# 40102).  See separate listing.

You could buy an entirely new unit to replace your current high-voltage XL-BWV XLerator (208V-277V) hand dryer. But with the correct replacement parts, you can keep your hand dryer in working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.


To purchase a complete replacement hand dryer for this model, please see the XL-BW (208V-277V) XLerator listing.

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