Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers

Environment friendly hand dryers are the sensible, sustainable choice in today’s world. And by doing business with Allied, you can enjoy all the benefits they offer at prices that can’t be beat. There’s no better way to help the environment and your budget at the same time.

Why Hand Dryers are Good for the Earth

The amount of trash produced annually in the US has tripled since 1960. About a third of this waste is composted or recycled, around 10% is burned, and the rest (55%) ends up in landfills. When properly managed, a landfill can be environmentally safe. However, the following problems often arise:

  • The creation of vast amounts of methane gas, which may either explode or leech into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.
  • The contamination of surface or groundwater due to leaks in protective linings used for landfill management.
  • Pollution of the soil around landfills, which poisons vegetation and accelerates erosion.

Reducing the need and demand for landfill space is one of the best ways to combat these problems, and one way to accomplish that involves eliminating paper towel waste. Studies show that used towels make up as much as 40% of the waste generated by office buildings. In fact, Americans create around 3,000 tons of paper towel waste every day! All of this unnecessary garbage significantly contributes to the environmental problems the world currently faces.

The good news is that hand dryers eliminate the need for paper towels and the negative environmental consequences of their use. Plus, dryers offer added benefits like these:

  • 95% cost savings over towels.
  • Fast, gentle drying with newer models.
  • Solutions to the hygienic issues associated with having mounds of dank, germ-infested towels festering in waste cans, on restroom floors, and on countertops.

When you add it all up, the advantages of hand dryers become clear. So browse our site and place your order for environment friendly hand dryers today. You’ll be glad you did.

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