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R76C, Excel Dryer Hands-On Recessed Chrome Hand Dryer

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Manufacturer Excel
Model EXCEL R76C

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The Excel R76C Hand Dryer offers a winning combination of features that make it an ideal choice for any location needing a safe, powerful, reliable forced-air dryer. Whether you operate a public or private facility, you can't go wrong by choosing this dryer for your restrooms or wash stations.

Great Power with Long-Term Savings

The biggest drawback of older hand dryers is their lack of power. Some models take well over a minute to dry hands completely. Others never really do the job at all. It's no wonder that so many users of public restrooms still use overpriced, germ-laden paper towels.

You won't have this problem with the Excel R76C, however. At its heart is a modern, maintenance-free, brushless motor that puts out far greater volumes of toasty, warm air than outdated units. The results: dry, sanitized hands in 30 seconds or less. Not only will this benefit those who use your facility's restrooms, but it will benefit you as well by saving on the expenses, hassles, and germ-related risks associated with paper towel usage.

Place your order today, and start enjoying all the benefits of modern hand-drying technology.