Green/LEED Credit Hand Dryers

Green LEED Credit Hand Dryers

If you’re seeking LEED certification, upgrading your hand dryers is a great place to start. Many hand dryers offer eco-friendly and energy-saving features that can qualify you for LEED credits while cutting down on your energy usage (and energy bills!) at the same time. Want to consider some of these green LEED credit hand dryers for your facility? We can help.

Get More LEED Credits

Our green LEED credit hand dryers can qualify your facility for valuable LEED credits toward your certification. Use that certification to market your building, lower your tax burden and reduce your overall energy costs in the long run.

Cut Down on Your Energy Usage

With low-voltage and lightning-fast drying times, these hand dryers are proven to reduce energy consumption. Not only does this mean a smaller environmental footprint for your organization, but it means lower electric bills in the long-term, too.

Choose Any Design and Style

Our green LEED credit hand dryers run the gamut in terms of style and design. Choose from ones with stainless steel, white or black finishes, recessed models, touch-free and hands-frees designs, and a variety of other options and features. There’s something for every style and preference here at Allied.

All Price Points

Going green doesn’t have to cost tons of cash. In fact, our green LEED credit hand dryers come in a wide range of price points, starting at just $319. So no matter what your budget is, you can start doing your part to help the environment.

Get Your Green LEED Credit Hand Dryers at Allied

If you’re looking for green LEED credit hand dryers, there’s no better place to go than Allied. Thanks to our price-matching guarantee, you won’t find a lower price on the market. Plus, with our same-day shipping policy, you’ll get your dryer in lightning-fast time. Just use our online form to order now, or give us a call for help.