Hand Dryers for Schools

Hand Dryers for Schools Offer Many Benefits

If you’re looking for high quality, affordable hand dryers for schools, then you’re in the right place. Allied sells the durable, reliable models you’re looking for at great prices and with lightning-fast, free shipping anywhere in the U.S. (and free same-day shipping to the lower 48 states).

Why Hand Dryers Make More Sense

If your school is like most others, then your annual paper towel costs reach into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Those funds could be better spent on PCs, laptops, tablets, books and other instructional materials or even on educational field trips.

Hand dryers can help to free up your financial resources by offering a healthy, cost-effective alternative to paper towels. In fact, when you consider all the drawbacks of paper towel use, their real price becomes clear:

  • Paper towels contain potentially deadly germs, and all of them fester in your wastebaskets, restroom floors, and countertops – wherever someone leaves a stray, wet towel.
  • Paper towels are heavy and bulky, requiring valuable storage space that could be used for other purposes.
  • Paper towels are non-recyclable. This means that they go directly to landfills where they take up vast amounts of space – studies show that Americans generate 13 billion pounds of paper towel waste each year.

Now consider the advantages of hand dryers:

  • A single hand dryer can save as much as 95% of the costs associated with paper towel use on a per-year basis.
  • Hand dryers keep your restrooms free of microbe-laden towels and the problems they can cause.
  • Hand dryers set a good example for your students, sending the message that you care about the environment – and that they should too.

If you want to learn more about this topic, then take a moment to review this brief report prepared by Western Washington University on the merits of hand dryers vs. paper towels. This top-level institution saw for itself what we have been saying for years: hand dryers simply make more sense.

We proudly sell top-quality, cost-effective hand dryers for schools for all budgets. Plus, we offer super-fast, free shipping anywhere in the United States. So make the smart choice for your students and yourself: order your new hand dryers today.

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