High Speed Hand Dryers

High Speed Hand Dryers

Hand dryers offer tons of benefits when compared to traditional paper towel dispensers. However, sometimes managers and business owners get feedback about dryers with extended drying times. That's why we offer a full line of premium-quality high speed hand dryer products. Each uses advanced technology to dry hands in 10-15 seconds, much faster than models offered by our competitors. Plus, our high-speed models offer these added benefits:

  • 80% less energy use; save money every time someone uses a dryer
  • 95% cost savings when compared to paper towel dispensers
  • Dispenses 99.97% pure air to promote hygiene
  • Available in a range of prices and features to meet every need

We’ll ship your cost saving hand dryers via free UPS 2nd day air, so you can begin enjoying their benefits right away. So call or use our convenient online form to place your order today.

Handy Hand Dryer Fact

Do you know that unused paper towels can contain thousands of types of bacteria, including the kinds that can cause serious illnesses? A broad range of scientific research shows the following:

  • Among the forms of bacteria found on commercial paper towels are the types that cause eye infections, blood disorders, and food poisoning.
  • These products may pose special risks for children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems.
  • By far the most contaminated paper towels are those made from recycled materials. Yet these are the most popular brands in use today in business and institution restrooms across the United States.

Don’t take chances with unsafe towel dispensers. Order your new high speed hand dryer from Allied today.