April 12, 2017

High Velocity Hand Dryer: Fast, User Friendly, and Energy Efficient

A high velocity hand dryer is the modern answer to the old question of how to make your facility’s restrooms cleaner, healthier, and more appealing to patrons. These breakthrough products offer a host of advantages that obsolete, energy-wasting paper towels simply can’t match. Here’s why we say this:

  • Every high velocity hand dryer from Allied is made with industrial-grade components built to go the distance, making it a truly exceptional long-term investment. Compare these advantages to the endless cost and hassle of ordering, transporting, storing, and disposing of bulky paper towels.
  • Every high velocity hand dryer from Allied delivers generous amounts of delightfully warm, high-speed air to dry hands in mere seconds. Some of our models can take a pair of hands from dripping wet to bone dry in as little as eight to nine seconds! This allows them to serve more users in less time, preventing long waiting lines and improving user experience.
  • Every high velocity hand dryer from Allied is designed with the environment in mind. For example, many of our models are made with recyclable parts and include germ-resistant features that promote improved restroom hygiene. Compare this with non-recyclable paper towels, which will fester in your local landfill for years to come, contaminating the earth with disease-causing pathogens that could find their way into your drinking water.
  • Every high velocity hand dryer from Allied is backed by an exclusive set of customer benefits. For example, we guarantee you will never overpay when you order from us. In fact, we will match or beat any price for any item we sell, from any of our web-based competitors. We offer fast, free shipping to all U.S. addresses and easy ordering from our state-of-the-art website. What other company gives you so much for so little?

Enough talk. Find out for yourself how good our high velocity hand dryer models are by placing your order today. We look forward to serving you.

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