LEED Rated Hand Dryers for Construction Companies

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Get a LEED Rated Hand Dryers for Your Construction Project

Running a construction company is more demanding than most businesses. While we can't take all the stress out of your job, our LEED rated hand dryers can prevent problems and help things run more smoothly. Here's how:

  • Modern 110/120 volt hand dryers are both more powerful and more efficient than yesterday's models. Not only do they cost far less to operate, they also dry hands faster, preventing waiting lines in your restrooms and getting your people back on the job faster. Paper towels, on the other hand, tend to suck money out of your budget. They may not seem like a big expense at first, but consider how much money you spend not only purchasing but installing, cleaning up, and disposing of these products over time. We're willing to bet the final bill is a good deal more than you think.
  • Construction work requires strong, healthy employees. Nothing will wreak havoc with your schedule faster than sickness among your people. Yet, scientists have proven that used paper towels are like toxic swamps when it comes to harboring all kinds of nasty disease-causing germs. Imagine the costs you'll bear if organisms from infected towels spread through your crew. Plus, think of how potential clients will feel if they go into your restroom and see mounds of dripping-wet towel waste overflowing your trash cans and covering your floors and counters. Could you blame them if they decide to go with one of your competitors instead? While it may not seem like a big deal, your restrooms reflect your entire organization. That's just one more reason to use a green/LEED credit hand dryer instead of paper towels.
  • Anyone who follows the construction industry knows that environmentally sustainable buildings and fabrication methods are especially popular these days. This represents enormous opportunities for your company if you can show that it practices ecologically responsible habits. One easy way to do that is to invest in LEED rated hand dryers. They can help you earn credits toward environmental certifications, boosting your company's image while helping safeguard the planet we all share.

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