No Touch Hand Dryers


  • Touch-free operation promotes good hygiene.
  • Freedom from push-button use enhances user experience.
  • Simple, sturdy design holds up to even heavy use.
  • Backed by multi-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our no touch hand dryers offer the ultimate in user satisfaction, efficient energy savings and sleek, hygienic design. There’s no push-button system, which eliminates possible contact with germs, and no complex manual switch to break down when you least expect it. Best of all, you can purchase these outstanding products at amazingly low prices, thanks to Allied’s industry contacts and discounted volume buying.


No touch hand dryer technology is evolving rapidly, meaning that even with their more advanced advantages, our no touch hand dryers cost far less to operate and maintain than models built just a few years ago. Installing these units in your location will free you from the energy-wasting disadvantages of obsolete older models, while exponentially increasing your users’ satisfaction at the same time.


These ultra-efficient products are designed to dry hands thoroughly in as little time as possible. This will help to eliminate long restroom waiting lines, which will please and impress your customers. It’s a win-win situation from all angles.


Modern energy-efficient no touch hand dryers offer 95% or greater cost savings when compared to scratchy, germ-attracting, non-recyclable paper towels. This isn’t just our opinion—it’s the verdict of countless research studies conducted at major universities and laboratories across the globe. So don’t delay, browse our site and place your order today for fastest delivery. You and your customers will be glad you did.