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NOVA 2 (0930), World Dryer White Aluminum Automatic

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Manufacturer Nova
Model NOVA 0930

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Nova 2 (0930) Automatic World Dryer (Aluminum Automatic) - Fast Dry

 Introducing: Nova 2 Automatic World Dryer

 This bold new warm-air hand dryer has two air outlets that direct the air down and out towards the hands that are placed below the unit. Powerful dual jets of hot air dry hands in less than 25 seconds.

 They say the Nova 2 is twice as nice as competing products. Is that true? Well, here's what we can say for sure about this outstanding product:

  • It has dual outflow vents that create twin streams of gently warm air. Together, they dry hands in as little as 25 seconds.
  • It comes in two versions. One has a handy external plug that fits any standard outlet. The other is easy for any qualified electrician to install. Both offer plenty of built-in safety features. Plus, the Nova 2 can operate on a wide range of voltage settings.
  • It's built to last from commercial-grade parts designed to offer many years of trouble-free service.
  • It's covered by a five-year manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind.

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