Plug In Hand Dryers

Plug In Hand Dryers

One reason businesses and institutions resist adding modern hand dryers to their restrooms is the need to connect them to the building’s wiring system. Sometimes the costs involved are too high. Other times the structure’s layout makes the needed changes difficult or unfeasible. Fortunately, Allied offers a full line of plug in hand dryers to accommodate these customers. Simply plug the unit into a nearby electrical outlet and the dryer is ready to use. Plus, our plug-in dryers comes with great benefits like these:

  • Both 110 and 220-volt models to match your building’s existing receptacles
  • Well-built, rugged heating elements that dry hands within seconds
  • Tough exterior construction to withstand years of use
  • Adjustable sensors and run times
  • A variety of sizes to fit restrooms of all kinds

Each of our corded hand dryers is shipped free and backed by a multi-year warranty. So choose from our wide selection and place your order today, either by calling us toll-free at 1-800-535-4393 or using our convenient, secure online form.

Handy Hand Dryer Facts

Hand dryers are not only good for your budget; they also help to protect the environment. That’s because they save millions of trees each year from being cut down and used to make paper towels.

Each tree saved not only makes the world more pleasant to look at, it also absorbs greenhouse gasses and returns oxygen to the atmosphere around us, keeping our air healthy and safe. So you can feel good about using hand dryers as part of a “green” campaign! Call or email us today.