WORLD DRYER® DXRA548-Q973 Model A Series Hand Dryer - Brushed Stainless Steel (50 Hz - NOT for use in North America)

by World Dryer
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WORLD DRYER® DXRA548-Q973 Model A Series Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel Cover with Brushed (Satin) Finish, Automatic, ADA Compliant Recess-Mounted (220V/240V - 50 Hz ONLY) - NOT FOR SALE in North America


WORLD DRYER® DXRA548-973CE Model A Series (50 Hz ONLY) is NOT AVAILABLE for sale in U.S., Canada, or Mexico (60 Hz is required in North America).  Please see any of the other DXRA5-Q973 Hand Dryer listings as applicable 60 Hz models for North American installation.

    The Model DXRA548-Q973 hand dryer is a recessed (ADA compliant), automatic hand dryer with the brushed stainless steel cover.  The DXRA5 detects the users hands with its infrared sensor (turning on and off the unit), rather than a push-button and timer. The classic styling of the the DXRA548-Q973 starts with its one-piece, extremely vandal resistant, rustproof cover made of 14GA stainless steel with a #304 brushed finish. This unit comes complete with a 16-gauge steel recess wall box (12.5" x 11.75" x 3.5"). The nozzle of the DXRA548-Q973 is the World Corporation's ADA-Complaint "Q" Nozzle. The Q nozzle is constructed of die-cast zinc alloy and finished with bright chrome and is shipped in the fixed position but can easily be converted by owner to swivel (to dry face & hair, as well as hands). The 1/10 HP (7500 RPM) motor and the 2100 watt Nichrome heating element are activated by infrared sensor. Dry time is approx. 30 seconds. But the length of the dry cycle is determined by the user. As soon as the user's hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is terminated. An air velocity of 7,300 linear feet per minute (or 154 CFM air volume) and a temperature increase of 70°F are produced at hand level (approx. 4 in. below nozzle), but at only moderate sound levels (73 dB with hands present). Mounting instructions and warranty information are included. When properly installed, the XRA5 extends from the finished wall surface only 4". The DXRA5 is "the standard" in automatic, recessed hand dryers and has the long-life motor people have come to expect from WORLD. For the most demanding environments where ADA compliance is required, nothing beats the durability of the World DXRA548-Q973.

    Dimensions: 13.8" High x 13.1" Wide x 4" Deep; Weight: 20.1 lbs.

    Electrical Specification: 220V/240 Volts; 10 Amps; 2300 Watts; 50 Hz (NOT applicable in North America)




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