AMERICAN DRYER® AD90-C Advantage AD® ***DISCONTINUED*** No Longer Available in CHROME - Please see AMERICAN DRYER® AD90-SS

by American Dryer
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AMERICAN DRYER® AD90-C Advantage AD® Hand Dryer - the CHROME Cover is NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please See AMERICAN DRYER® AD90-SS (now by WORLD DRYER®)


Originally designed & manufactured by AMERICAN DRYER Inc., the satin chrome cover option in the Advantage AD® Hand Dryer Series is no longer being manufactured by the WORLD DRYER CORP.  Please see instead the AD90-SS as its replacement. The AD90-SS looks identical to the AD90-C, but with a true stainless steel cover instead of chrome plating over steel.  The Advantage AD® Series and allows any organization to enjoy all the benefits of modern, warm-air hand drying and the satisfaction of kicking the paper towel habit. The AD90-SS is an ideal replacement for outdated dryers that are inefficient or an eyesore.

Advantage AD® Series Hand Dryers offer a number of excellent benefits, like the following:

  • Universal Voltage - accepts 110-120V, 208V , or 220-240V input and adjusts automatically, saving installation time (Not intended for 277V).
  • Heavy-duty, 1/8 HP, 4,800 RPM commercial motor creates an airflow of 180CFM and velocity of 7,300 linear feet per minute or 83 mph - offering years of dependable service
  • Low sound levels make the Advantage AD® Series perfect for all types of locations (67dB).
  • Adjustable motor speed provides noise & power-use flexibility
  • A temperature increase of 48°F at hand level (approx.. 120°F)
  • A fixed nozzle design that is simple yet sturdy.
  • Shielded air vents and anti-tamper screws to deter vandals.
  • Automatically activated by infrared sensor which detects presence of hands - no need to touch any germ-laden surface for use.  Approx. 25-second dry time, but drying cycle terminates automatically with the removal of hands.
  • Available in 4 cover materials: White ABS plastic, White Epoxy on Steel, Black Epoxy on Steel, & Brushed (Satin) Stainless Steel.
  • A 5-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • With the addition of the optional recess kit, any Advantage AD® surface-mounted hand dryer becomes ADA compliant with the "4" protrusion rule" (See separately listings for AMERICAN DRYER® ADA-RK Recess Kit by WORLD DRYER®, AMERICAN DRYER® ADA-W Recess Kit by WORLD DRYER®, or AMERICAN DRYER® ADA-SS Recess Kit by WORLD DRYER®).
  • OR with the addition of the optional surface-mounted wall guard, any Advantage AD® surface-mounted hand dryer becomes ADA compliant with the "26" or less from finished floor rule" (See separately listings for AMERICAN DRYER® ADA-WG Wall Guard by WORLD DRYER®).

By purchasing your new AD90 Hand Dryer from Allied Hand Dryer, you’ll also enjoy a host of other benefits such as free and fast shipping to anywhere in the contiguous U.S., our low-price guarantee, and a superb level of customer care.  So place your order today. We look forward to hearing from you.

5-Year Parts Warranty against manufacturer defects

Dimensions: 10-1/8" High x 9-3/8" Wide x 5-1/2" Deep; Weight: 9.4 lbs.

Voltage: Universal 120 to 240 Volts (Not Applicable for 277 Volt installation)


When connected to 110V/120V

  • 400 to 1400 Watts; 12.5 max Amps; 60 Hz 

When connected to 208V-240V

  • 350 to 1250 Watts; 6.5 max Amps; 60 Hz 

 (Dedicated 15 or 20 Amp circuit required)

Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (ULListed. (In both the United States and Canada)

Made in the U.S.A.

FREE SHIPPING via FedEx to anywhere in the Contiguous United States

ALSO AVAILABLE AS A HAIR DRYER with 80 Second Automatic Timer

EXT7-C eXtremeAir Hand Dryer Exploded View

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