Amaircare 10000 Whole Home HEPA Air Filtration System For Heavy VOCs

by Amaircare
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Amaircare 10000 Heavy Duty Air Filtration System For Heavy VOCs is a high-quality air purification unit featuring:

  • Tri-filter design allows for significant airflow.
  • Three individual filter sets each containing a prefilter and a Ultra carbon canister
  • Easy to access filters through a removable end-panel door
  • Optional alternative configurations available just by changing the filter sets

Tri-HEPA Air Filtration System

  • Estimated FILTER LIFE dependent on contaminant levels and the filter configuration:
    • Configuration 1: Heavy particulates and Low VOCs
      • Stage 1:Carbon Prefilter 3-6 months
      • Stage 2:HEPA filter: 2-5 years
      • Stage 3:V.O.C. Blanket: 6-12 months
    • Configuration 2: Heavy particulates and Moderate VOCs
      • Stage 1:Carbon Prefilter 3-6 months
      • Stage 2:HEPA filter: 2-5 years
      • Stage 3:V.O.C. 7 lb Canister: 12 months
    • Configuration 3 (shown): Heavy VOCs and Low Particulates
      • Stage 1:Washable Foam Prefilter 3-12 months
      • Stage 3:V.O.C. 30 lb Canister: 12 months
      • This configuration has NO HEPA filtration
  • DIMENSIONS: 17.25" W 28”L 50”H
  • HEPA SURFACE AREA: 300 sq. ft.
  • INTAKE: 10”X12” duct fitting (Rectangular Connections)
  • OUTFLOW: 10”X12” duct fitting (Rectangular Connections)
  • COLOR: Grey
  • WEIGHT: 130 lbs. (Full carbon for Heavy VOCs as shown would be estimated at 210 lbs)
  • DELIVERED AIR FLOW (C.F.M.): 700-1000
  • Variable Speed Switch: Yes
  • DB Rating: @ 6 ft: 60-70dB
  • Construction: 18 Gauge Steel Housing
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish:
    • Many air filters and purifiers available today are made from plastic and contain adhesives or finishes that release VOCs.  Amaircare systems are constructed out of steel, powder coated and contain NO harmful adhesives to ensure that the systems only reduce indoor air pollution and not add to it. The ALL steel construction also makes the systems durable for many years of reliable healthier air.

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