Amaircare 4000 VOC Chem Airwash Filtration System - Heavy VOCs 30 lbs Carbon

by Amaircare
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The Amaircare 4000 VOC Chem Airwash Air Purification System is a commercial grade air scrubber that focuses on HEAVY VOCs, gases, and odors. It is a top quality, heavy duty portable air purifier for a wide variety of industrial applications. The AmAirCare 4000 is comparable in size to other commercial Air Scrubbers on the market, but has the options not found on those systems.

Coverage for 18,000 ft3 (provides 1 ACH/hr). Comes with a 5 YEAR Limited Warranty.

This unit does NOT have a HEPA filter because the focus is for heavy odors, gases, and VOCs. 

Product Specifications


Maximum Recommended Area Size:      18,000 ft3 (provides 1 ACH/hr)

Filter Life:            Prefilter – 12 months

                             Carbon Canister - variable based on usage


VOC Chem with 30 lb Carbon Canister Filter Configuration:

Stage One:  1/8” Foam Prefilter x2

Granulated Carbon pellets encased in steel mesh canister (9475 g = 10,422,500 m2 adsorption surface area)


Airflow:  300 CFM

Color:  White Gloss

Power Consumption:  125 W

Dimensions:  16”HEX x 23"H

Weight:  55 lbs.

dBA Rating @ 6’: Low speed - 40.7 db, High speed - 58.8 db

Control:  Variable Speed Switch

Construction:  Steel housing, durable baked thermoset powder finish

Outflow:  Louver directed outflow.  Bottom clean air outflow on 4 of 6 sides

Fresh Air Intake:  6” Diameter Round Intake

Motor:  High Efficiency AC Backward Curved Motor

Voltage:  115 volt*

Cord/Plug:   8 foot long  3 conductor 18 gauge attached cord with North American Type K Plug (3 pin grounded)

*available in most commercial voltages with standard plugs.


There are 2 configurations for the 4000:

  • Heavy VOCs, gases, & Odors (Shown) - This unit is frequently referred to as 4000 VOC Chem Airwash Air Purification System with 30 lb carbon canister.  This unit uses a prefilter and a 30 lb carbon canister called Ultra VOC filter kit and does not use a HEPA.
  • Particulate Focus & VOCs, gases & odors - This unit is referred to as 4000 VOC Chem with HEPA Airwash Air Purification System and is shown as a separate item to avoid confusion.  This unit uses a prefilter and 7 lb carbon canister along with a HEPA filter for the particulate filtration as well as VOCs, gases, & odors.  

**Something to keep in mind is that the machines are identical, the filters vary based on filtration needed.  With this in mind, if the usage changes with time,  you can simply change your filter configuration to match your filtration needs.

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