Amaircare Airwash MultiPro "Air Scrubber" Air Filtration Heavy VOC Focus 25 lbs Carbon

by Amaircare
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Amaircare Airwash MultiPro Air Scrubber with heavy VOC focus uses 2 prefilters and a 25 lb Carbon Canister for quality filtration of heavy VOCs, gases, and odors along with particulate contaminants. This commercial grade air scrubber is a top quality heavy duty portable air purifier for a wide variety of industrial applications. It features 800 CFM and coverage up to 41,100 sq ft the HEAVY VOC focus is perfect for removing chemicals and other harmful airborne pollutants.The AirWash Process allows you to control contaminant levels without wetting your environment or yourself! And the unique Amaircare patented Air Washing process will go beyond merely pushing contaminants outward to keep your air clean.

800 CFM and Coverage for 41,100 ft3 (provides 1 ACH/hr). Comes with a 5 YEAR Limited Warranty.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Recommended Area Size:2250 ft (8' ceilings)
  • Airflow:250 to 800 CFM
  • Power Consumption:312 W
  • Dimensions:19"W x 20"H x 32"L
  • Weight:42lbs
  • Intake:12"Outtake:12"

Product Features

  • PerfectSeal® HEPA - Toolless cylindrical PerfectSeal® HEPA filter media for dedicated fine particulate filtration down to 0.3 microns, option to add up to 3 pre-filters for extended service life.
  • PerfectSeal® HEPA/VOC Combo  - Toolless cylindrical Perfect Seal® HEPA & 5lb. inner canister of dedicated activated carbon for air borne chemical and odour absorption, option to add up to 3 pre-filters to extend service life.
  • Ultra VOC  - 25 lb. activated carbon canister for extreme air borne chemical and odor absorption, option to add up to 3 pre-filters for extended service life.

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