Excel Dryer ThinAir® TA-GRH Hand Dryer with Electrostatic HEPA Filter - Brushed Stainless Steel Surface Mounted ADA-Compliant High Speed Automatic

by Excel
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Excel Dryer ThinAir® TA-GRH Hand Dryer - Textured Graphite Epoxy on Stainless Steel Cover, Electrostatic HEPA Filter, High Speed, Automatic, ADA-Compliant Surface-Mounted

From the makers of the phenomenal XLerator high-speed hand dryer, Excel Dryer now also offers the ThinAir® TA-GRH (Textured Graphite Epoxy on Stainless) Hand Dryer with Electrostatic HEPA Filtration System.  Electrostatic HEPA Filters allow for increased air flow with less media (meaning more consistent performance) and last longer than traditional glass media HEPA filters.  With the Excel's HEPA Filtration System integrated into the TA-GRH, new test results from LMS Technologies prove that 99.999% of viruses (ranging in size from 16.5 to 604.3 nanometers) are effective & efficiently removed from the air stream. That includes COVID-19 and 380 million other viruses. In addition, 99.97% of bacteria at 0.3 microns are removed from the air stream. This touchless hand hygiene solution eliminates the multiple unnecessary tough points that come with using paper towels as a drying method. Paper towels are handled during manufacturing, shipping, storage, restocking, and removal. By reducing touchpoints, the risk of germ transfer is likewise reduced.


GREENSPEC® Approved and LEED® Rated

Dimensions: 9-5/32" High x 13-15/16" Wide x 4" Deep (233 mm x 354 mm x 102 mm)

Weight: 10.0 lbs. (4.5 kg)

Electrical Specification:

  • LOW Voltage Version (110V/120V; 50Hz/60Hz)

WITH HEATING ELEMENT ON: 7.0 to 7.7 Amps; 770 to 915 Watts

WITH HEATING ELEMENT OFF: 3.0 to 3.2 Amps; 310 to 370 Watts

  • HIGH Voltage Version (208V to 277V; 50Hz/60Hz)

WITH HEATING ELEMENT ON: 3.6 to 4.0 Amps; 735 to 950 Watts

WITH HEATING ELEMENT OFF: 1.5 to 1.9 Amps; 300 to 375 Watts

This Thin Air TA-GRH hand dryer is made with a stainless steel cover that is painted with a textured epoxy that is graphite-grey in color.  Plus, thanks to Allied's fast, free shipping and low costs, you can have your new Excel Thin Air hand dryers for a remarkably low investment price.

Consider the many advantages the Thin Air TA-GRH hand dryer offers over competing units:

  • Super-fast drying times of 14 seconds.
  • Electrostatic HEPA Filtration (built-in) removes 99.999% of viruses & 99.97% of bacteria from the air stream
  • Electrostatic HEPA Filters allow for increased air flow with less media for more consistent performance
  • Electrostatic HEPA Filters are more durable than standard glass media HEPA Filters
  • At only 4” thick, this ultra compact and stylish design can be surface-mounted and still meet ADA compliance for 4” protrusion into a primary walk-way or traffic corridor. With no need to recess this unit or buy a separate recess kit, installation is much quicker & less expensive.
  • Adjustable Speed and Sound Controller
  • Adjustable (LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH/OFF) Heating Element
  • Less than 960 Watts; as low as 333 Watts with the heat turned off
  • Backed by a Full 5 Year Parts Warranty against Manufacturer Defects.
  • Sensor-equipped with externally visible Red LED light that can flash error codes to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Washable metal mesh Pre-Filter with smart sensor (Red LED light activates should the filter become clogged)
  • Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) Listed. (In both the United States and Canada)
  • Available in both a low-voltage version (110V/120V) or high-voltage version (208V to 277V).

The Excel Thin Air TA-GRH is so good that it's covered by a full five-year manufacturer warranty. Added to this are the many benefits that Allied offers:

  • Our low price-matching guarantee
  • Superior customer service
  • Easy ordering online or through our toll-free number
  • Shipping included at no extra cost within in the contiguous U.S.

Order your TA-GRH Excel dryers today for a better tomorrow.

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