HO-IL (SHP), Excel Dryer LEXAN White Automatic Hand Dryer

by Excel

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EXCEL HO-IL Hands Off® Automatic Surface-Mounted

with One Piece Molded Lexan® 940 (Uniformly White Throughout)

The Excel HO-IL Hand Dryer offers a winning combination of ruggedness, reliability, and reasonable cost. It's an especially good choice for locations where vandalism is a concern. This is due both to its tamper-resistant construction and its side-mounted heating element, which prevent would-be vandals from reaching the unit through the warm air outlet.

The Excel HO-IL also offers these benefits:

  • Infrared sensor activation--no push button to wear out or collect germs.
  • Maintenance-free, brushless motor for years of trouble-free use.
  • The HO-IL cover is one-piece, molded Lexan® 940 (a polycarbonate resin), making it lightweight, rustproof, and extremely flame retardant.

Why wait when you can provide your location with all the advantages of warm-air hand drying for an excellent price? Plus, when you choose Allied, you get these added benefits:

  • Free shipping to all 50 states
  • Our famous low-price assurance guarantee
  • Professional, friendly customer service that's second to none

We look forward to serving you!

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