WORLD DRYER® J48-971 Airforce™ Hand Dryer - Brushed (Satin) Chrome on Aluminum (50 Hz ONLY - NOT for use in North America)

by World Dryer
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WORLD DRYER® J48-971 Airforce™ Hand Dryer - Brushed (Satin) Chrome Plating on Die-Cast Aluminum Cover, Automatic, Surface-Mounted (220V/240V - 50 Hz ONLY) - NOT FOR SALE in North America


WORLD DRYER® J48-971 Airforce™ (50 Hz ONLY) is NOT AVAILABLE for sale in U.S., Canada, or Mexico (60 Hz is required in North America).  In addition, the Brushed Aluminum Cover is NO LONGER BEING MANUFACTURED by WORLD

Please see J-973A3 AIRFORCE™ Brushed SS or L-973A SLIMdri Brushed SS or Q-973A2 VERDEdri Brushed SS listings as applicable 60 Hz models for North American installation.

The brushed (satin) chrome cover option in the J-Series Airforce hand dryer is no longer being manufactured by the World Dryer Corporation. Please see instead the J4-973A3 as its replacement.  The J4-973A3 looks identical to the J4-971A, but with a brushed (satin) stainless steel cover instead of chrome plating on aluminumThe J-Series Airforce hand dryer by the World Dryer Corporation is an environmentally friendly ambient temperature hand dryer. Unlike similar hand dryers by other manufacturers, the Airforce utilizes an innovative multi-jet technology. It is capable of taking the user’s hands from wet to dry in 12 seconds (2.5 times faster than traditional dryers). The modern sleek design of the J48-971 starts with its light weight, yet durable cover made of die-cast aluminum. The cover is then finished with brushed (satin) chrome plating that has a patented anti-microbial, anti-bacterial additive (called SteriTouch™) blended into the finish. This additive helps reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi. The Model J48-971 is considered relatively quiet for the speed and air volume produced (88 dB at operator's ear with hands in air stream). The brush-type motor operates at an astonishing speed of 34,000 RPM and is capable of producing an air velocity of 10,500 linear feet per minute or 206 miles per hour (105 CFM air volume) and a temperature increase of 40°F at hand level (approx. 4 in. below nozzle). Both the motor and heating element are activated automatically by an infrared sensor. Dry time is approx. 12 seconds, but the length of the dry cycle is determined by the user. As soon as the user's hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is terminated. This unit has an impressive water ingress rating of IP24. Mounting instructions and warranty information are included. The World Airforce could be your answer to the high cost and unhygienic mess of paper towels.

Dimensions: 10.7" (272 mm) High x 8.9" (226 mm) Wide x 6.5" (165 mm) Deep;  Weight: 7.3 lbs. (3.3 kg)

Electrical Specification: 220-240 Volts; 10 Amps;  2300 Watts; 50 Hz  (Not Applicable in the North America / Not for Sale)

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