WORLD DRYER® K48-972P SMARTdri® Plus Hand Dryer - Polished (Bright) Stainless Steel (50 Hz ONLY - NOT for use in North America)

by World Dryer
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WORLD DRYER® K48-972P2 SMARTdri® Plus Hand Dryer - Polished (Bright) Stainless Steel Cover, Automatic, Surface-Mounted (220V/240V - 50 Hz ONLY) - NOT FOR SALE in North America


SMARTdri® Plus K48-972P2 (50 Hz ONLY) is NOT AVAILABLE for sale in U.S., Canada, or Mexico (60 Hz is required in North America).  Please see K-972P2 or K4-972P2 SMARTdri® Plus as applicable 60 Hz models for North American installation.

The K-Series SMARTdri Plus hand dryer is the most energy efficient and fastest hand dryer made by the World Dryer Corporation. It’s both contemporary and stylish in design. But the most unique feature of the Model K and the thing that sets this dryer apart from all the rest is its intelligent, flexible control technology. The owner has the option of having the heating element activate with the motor or remain off during the drying cycle. In addition, the motor has 3 speeds (Hi, Med & Low) for the owner to choose from. With these two variables, the owner can customize the air flow, dry time, sound quality, and energy consumption to fit any application environment. Sound levels as low as 68 decibels. At its highest motor speed and with the heating element set to automatically activate, the Model K is capable of taking the user’s hands from wet to dry in 10 seconds (3 times faster than traditional dryers). Extremely durable and vandal-resistant, the Model K48-972P2 SMARTdri Plus has a stainless steel cover that is polished to a bright, mirror-like finish. Coated with a patented anti-microbial, anti-bacterial additive, the cover is resistant to the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi. The fixed nozzle is constructed of die-cast zinc alloy and finished with bright chrome plating. The SMARTdri Plus is considered relatively quiet for the speed and air volume produced. The brush-type motor operates at an incredible speed of 23,400 RPM and is capable of producing an air velocity of 22,000 linear feet per minute or 250 mile per hour (78 CFM air volume) and a temperature increase of 70°F at hand level (approx. 4 in. below nozzle). Both the motor and the 400 watt heating element (if set by the owner in the ON position) are activated automatically by an infrared sensor. Dry time is dependent on the variable settings, but the length of the run time is determined by the user. As soon as the user's hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is terminated. This unit has an impressive water ingress rating of IP24. Mounting instructions and warranty information are included. The World SMARTdri Plus intelligently combines the flexibility you want with the energy efficiency you need, all while providing the performance your customers demand.

Dimensions: 12.5" (319 mm) High x 9.3" (236 mm) Wide x 7.6" (192 mm) Deep;  Weight: 14.2 lbs. (6.4 kg)

Electrical Specification: 220/240 Volts; 1.7 to 5.0 Amps; 400 to 1250 Watts; 50 Hz (Not Applicable in the North America / Not for Sale)

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