NOVA 5 (208-240V) Model 0122, World Dryer White Aluminum Push Button

by World Dryer

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You can save your organization money and promote a better environment for everyone who uses your facility thanks to the highly affordable Nova 5 (208-240V) Model 0122 hand dryer with push button. This top-quality product offers all the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying. Yet its low cost means it’s affordable for virtually any organization. And when you order your new Nova 5 (208-240V) Model 0122 hand dryer from Allied, you’ll enjoy added benefits that come with being a part of our family.

Here are just some of the world-class features offered by the Nova 5 (208-240V) Model 0122 with push-button technology:

  • The reliable power of a 1/10 hp 3200 RPM, thermally protected motor.
  • The 148 ft.³ of air per minute output for fast, gentle hand drying.
  • A nichrome wire-heating element that offers reliable, safe operation.
  • A 25 amp circuit breaker, which provides additional safety.
  • The unit warms air to a comfortable 142° F.
  • Simple push-button action offers hassle-free reliability.
  • The die-cast aluminum exterior with epoxy coating is rugged and attractive.
  • The 30 separate intake slots create smooth, even airflow.
  • A 360° rotating nozzle allows for hand, face, and hair drying.
  • Tamper-resistant bolts attached to a heavy-gauge steel wall plate resist damage from abuse and vandalism.
  • A 10-year limited warranty for assurance and peace of mind.

Why Choose Allied?

With all the commercial restroom product vendors online, why should you go with us? Excellent question, here’s the answer: Allied offers an unbeatable array of benefits. Including:

  • Fast, convenient ordering using either our handy online form or toll-free phone number.
  • A huge selection of products from which to choose.
  • Our low-price guarantee; we will match or beat any web-based vendor’s cost every time.
  • Fast, cost-free shipping to all US locations. Most orders go out the same day they’re placed.
  • Superior customer support that goes on well after the sale.

So check out our site and place your order for the Nova 5 hand dryer with push button today.





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