L-971, SLIMdri World Dryer Alum Brushed Chrome Univ Volt ADA Hand Dryer

by World Dryer

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World Dryer is a leading manufacturer of fine-quality hand dryers. The SLIMdri L-971 sets new standards for efficiency, durability, and flexibility. It also helps facilities of all types to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This outstanding dryer comes with benefits like these:

  • 40% faster drying times than other ADA-compliant dryers.
  • 70% more energy efficiency than competing models.
  • The ability to turn the heating element on or off at will for the ultimate in user comfort.
  • A narrow profile that makes the dryer a perfect fit for smaller restrooms.
  • Automatic operation that eliminates the need for a germ-laden start button.
  • Universal voltage settings for easy installation in any location.

When you buy your new L-971 SLIMdri Hand Dryer from Allied, you'll enjoy our unbeatable low-price guarantee, fast and free shipping, and excellent customer care. There's no better or easier way to help ensure ADA compliance. Place your order today using either our handy online checkout or our toll-free number at 1-800-535-4393.





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