Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

It doesn’t get better than stainless steel hand dryers. Sanitary, easy to clean, and sleek in style, they’re perfect for all sorts of environments and spaces.

At Allied Hand Dryers, we offer a wide variety of stainless steel dryers, from fast-drying, touchless, energy-efficient ones to simpler push-button models for the budget-conscious buyer. Whichever model you buy, our stainless steel hand dryers deliver:

A healthier, more sanitary restroom

Stainless steel has been proven to be highly resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and unwanted germs. And in a moist and bacteria-laden space like a restroom, that’s exactly what you want in order to keep your customers — and you — safe from sickness and harm.

An easy, low-maintenance experience

Cleaning stainless steel is a breeze. Just spray a towel with disinfectant spray, wipe down the dryer, and the unit is germ-free and sanitary in seconds. No fancy products or tools necessary.

A strong, long-term fixture

It doesn’t get stronger or more durable than steel. You can rest assured your stainless steel dryer is going to stand the test of time — and then some. Many of our models even come with 10-year warranties.

A sleek and stylish design element

Clean, simple, and always stylish, stainless steel hand dryers go with any existing aesthetic your restroom has. It may even match perfectly with previously installed mirror frames, stall doors, and other elements in your space.

Get Your Stainless Steel Hand Dryers at Allied

There’s no better place to buy stainless steel hand dryers than at Allied. With five-star customer service, free same-day shipping, and a price-matching guarantee that gives you the absolutely lowest possible price every single time, you won’t find a better deal or better vendor on the market. Take a look through our stainless steel dryer models now, and order your unit today.