Universal Voltage Hand Dryers

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It’s no secret that hand dryers are more cost-effective and energy efficient than paper towels. After all, modern dryers can save owners up to 95 percent on operating costs, and they eliminate the hassle of shipping, stocking, and storing all those towel refills. But like anything, not all dryers are created equal. And in this high-tech world, there are definitely some dryers that can benefit your bottom line more than others.

Universal voltage hand dryers are one such model, offering owners serious advantages over other options. These include:

Being easier and more cost-effective to install.              

There’s no need to call in an electrician to wire a dedicated circuit, and you don’t need to worry about overloading your line with too many dryers at once. Universal voltage hand dryers adjust themselves for you, making them easy to install, configure, and set up anywhere in your facility.

Being able to move them or add on to them as needed.

Moving facilities? Expanding and need to add a few more dryers? It’s all easy with universal voltage dryers, as they won’t overload your circuits or require any specific wiring to set up. Just use your existing configuration in whatever facility you choose.

Having them be up and running in no time.

Installing universal voltage hand dryers is a cinch because they adjust to the electrical environment you already have in place. That means your new dryer is up and fully operational instantly, and there’s no annoying bathroom downtime for you or your customers.

Saving you cash.

You won’t have to pay for additional equipment or expertise with universal voltage dryers. Just add the product right into your existing space, and you’re ready to go. No more money, appointments, or parts are necessary.

Want your new dryer to be easy, fast, and cost-effective? Then check out our assortment of universal voltage hand dryers.By integrating seamlessly with your existing bathroom environment, they can save you time, money, and resources, both now and the entire time you own them.