Value Hand Dryers for Faith-Based Organizations

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Good Cheap Hand Dryers for Churches & Faith-Based Organizations

Like most non-profits, your church or other faith-based community probably doesn't have a giant budget. Yet, you want to promote a healthier environment for everyone who uses your facilities, hopefully while cutting expenses at the same time. That's why cheap hand dryers from Allied are such a great investment for organizations like yours. Not only will they save you money as opposed to paper towels, they help create cleaner, more germ-free surroundings, and that's a plus for everyone. Here are a few reasons to consider affordable, eco-friendly hand dryers for your restrooms:

  • Studies show that used paper towels harbor billions of potentially lethal microorganisms, including the kind that can cause serious illnesses like E. coli and influenza. Imagine mountains of sopping wet, disgusting paper towel waste overflowing your wastebaskets and contaminating your counters, floors, and other surfaces. It doesn't take a degree in biology to see how this can spread all kinds of pathogens with lightning speed. Even worse, these diseases present a special threat to children and the elderly, the kinds of people who are most likely to attend religious services.
  • Modern cheap hand dryers, on the other hand, represent a one-time expense that will give you many years of dependable, trouble-free service. Plus, our eco-friendly hand dryers are made with high percentages of recyclable materials, so they're good for both your budget and God's creation. What better way is there to practice good financial stewardship while doing something positive for the earth we all share?
  • Review your expenses for the past year or so, and you'll see the real costs of using paper towels. Purchasing, storing, installing, and disposing of these non-recyclable products creates a never-ending drain on your budget. Those funds could be used for many worthwhile projects, yet you're forced to spend them on questionable products that benefit rich corporations. Why should you do this when our eco-friendly hand dryers are so affordable?

While all our hand dryers beat paper towels, models like our FastDry HK 1800 series, American, Toto HD, and Saniflow units are especially thrifty, making these fine products the budget-smart choice. Browse our site today and see for yourself how these and other cheap hand dryers can help your organization achieve its worthy goals.