World SMARTdri Hand Dryers

SMARTdri Hand Dryers

The SMARTdri Series from World Dryer Corporation sets the standard in affordable, hygienic, high-performance hand dryers. Whether you do business from a small building or a multi-billion dollar facility, you won’t go wrong by choosing SMARTdri units for your restrooms. Here’s why:

  • Durability – a hand dryer is something you don’t want to purchase very often. SMARTdri models last up to 3x longer than competitor’s products, which makes them ideal for both occasional and high-volume use.
  • Savings – you’ll save as much as 99% compared to the costs of paper towels, all while maintaining a cleaner, healthier work environment; studies show that unused and wet towels contain potentially harmful germs.
  • Efficiency – SMARTdri units use only 12% of the energy of traditional models and require only 40% of the energy of similar products.
  • Speed – SMARTdri products dry hands 3x faster than older models.
  • Hygiene – made with SteriTouch® materials, SMARTdri units resist the growth of mold, bacteria, and other disease-causing germs.
  • Flexibility – SMARTdri models come in four attractive colors: white, black, and both brushed and polished steel, and they fit perfectly in all types of restrooms.
  • Price – SMARTdri units are highly affordable compared to products sold by competing manufacturers. This means you use less money out of your operating budget while still enjoying the benefits of top-quality dryers.

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