eXtremeAir CPC Hand Dryer

eXtremeAir CPC Hand Dryer

The eXtremeAir CPC Hand Dryer does something that no other product of its type can claim: it kills germs, the same kinds that cause staph, E. coli, and a host of other serious and possibly life-threatening illnesses.

The eXtremeAir accomplishes this by creating and directing a stream of plasma-charged air over the user’s hands, gently warming them while using natural ions to blast apart germs. We refer to this breakthrough development as cold plasma clean, or CPC, technology.

Easy on Humans, Murder on Germs

What is plasma, you ask? It’s simply air from which some of the ions have been stripped. This natural process occurs every time a rainstorm forms. Recently, scientists tested its effects in a laboratory setting. The results were amazing: the ionized air killed more than 99% of the harmful germs in a petri dish while doing no harm whatsoever to human flesh. The study was so astounding that some scientists are discussing using the technology behind the eXtremeAir CPC as an all-natural alternative to antibiotics.

When you order new eXtremeAir dryers, you can use this remarkable discovery to eliminate germs by the millions from your restrooms, keeping them safe for humans while providing users with a fast, comfortable way to dry their hands. Plus, with each eXtremeAir unit, you’ll also enjoy these added benefits:

Odor-killing features that keep your restrooms smelling fresh.

The eXtremeAir’s sturdy one-piece exterior construction, heavy-duty internal components, and attractive appearance.

Freedom from the need to maintain costly HEPA filters and ineffective methods used by our competitors.

Energy savings due to the eXtremeAir’s ultra-efficient motor.

Years of trouble-free service thanks to the use of top-quality materials.

When you add up all these positives, the choice is clear: hand dryers from American Dryer with CPC technology. Plus, when you order your new models from Allied, you’ll enjoy these additional perks:

Fast, free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Our unbeatable low-price guarantee.

World-class customer care.

Our ironclad guarantee of satisfaction.

The peace of mind that comes from a multi-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Place your order today for your new eXtremeAir CPC Hand Dryer using either our toll-free number or handy online checkout. We look forward to serving you.

Source: http://news.discovery.com/tech/biotechnology/cold-plasma-kills-bacteria-better-than-antibiotics.htm

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