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Toto Hand Dryer

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A Toto hand dryer offers solid, reliable performance year after year, making it the perfect choice for value-minded organizations that insist on quality. Toto hand dryers provide real value with their combination of sensible features, rugged construction, and affordable pricing. Every unit we sell offers these great benefits:

  • Toto hand dryers have fast drying times, as short as 12 seconds
  • Automatic operation – no push buttons to collect germs
  • Washable, reusable, built-in air filters to fight odors and germs
  • Installed drip tray controls moisture, inhibits mold growth, and prevents water stains
  • The AC motor in a Toto hand dryer can be adjusted for various drying times, up to a full 60 seconds
  • Toto hand dryers are quiet and fast, making it ideal for all restroom environments
  • Concealed model offers space savings for smaller restrooms

Handy Hand Dryer Facts

Paper towels may seem inexpensive, but in reality they carry a high price tag:

  • It takes as many as 4,000 trees to make one ton of towels
  • Making a single eight-ounce roll of paper towels releases 1.25 lbs. of CO2 into the air
  • Paper towels form as much as 40% of landfill waste
  • Studies prove that paper towels trap and hold disease-causing germs
  • Paper towels tend to pile up, creating an unhealthy, unsightly mess
  • Switching to a Toto hand dryer can save hundreds of dollars annually

When you add up all the benefits a Toto hand dryer offers, it’s clearly a can’t-miss choice for your organization’s restroom needs. We’re proud to offer free shipping on these fine products.

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