BluStorm Hand Dryers

BluStorm Hand Dryers

Created by Palmer Fixture, BluStorm hand dryers are some of the most advanced on the market. Offered in a variety of finishes, designs, styles and speeds, there’s a BluStorm dryer for every budget and need.

Lightning-fast Drying Times

BluStorm hand dryers fully dry hands in as little as 10 seconds. Compared to traditional hand dryers and paper towels, that’s significant time and hassle saved for you and your customers.

Clean and Hygienic

Completely touchless, it doesn’t get more hygienic than BluStorm. There are no messy, grimy paper towels littering your floors or countertops, and users can’t spread germs through dirty buttons or levers. It’s clean, simple and sanitary any way you look at it.

LEED and Eco-friendly

Looking to earn LEED credits toward certification? Many BluStorm hand dryers are eco-friendly, offering various LEED credits for your building. BluStorm dryers also come with automatic shutoff features to help save energy even more.

Affordable to Operate

BluStorm hand dryers aren’t just great for the environment. They’re also easy on your pocketbook. BluStorm products cost just .0004 cents per use to operate – a fraction of what other dryers offer and 95 percent less than paper towels.

Professional Look

Finished with sleek, stainless steel, BluStorm hand dryers add a polished, professional look to any facility they’re placed in. And with various recessed models, they don’t take up much real estate either.

Backed by Warranty

BluStorm dryers are all backed by a five-year warranty, protecting your investment and your users for many years to come.

Allied: The Only Place to Show for BluStorm Hand Dryers

With a price-matching guarantee and free same-day shipping across all 50 U.S. states, there’s no better place to purchase your BluStorm hand dryers. Use our handy online form to order now, or call our toll free number to get help choosing the right dryer for your facility.

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