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Whether you’re running a restaurant, office building, retail establishment, or other type of business, you want those who use your restrooms to enjoy the cleanest, safest, most hygienic environment possible. That’s exactly what you get when you choose American Dryer hand dryers. Since 1952, the American Dryer Hand Dryer Company has built and sold the most highly regarded units in the industry, backed by cutting-edge technology and stringent quality standards.

Our line of American Dryer germ killing hand dryers includes models with the firm’s revolutionary Cold Plasma Clean™ technology. This breakthrough advancement kills millions of germs safely and quickly, including: E.coli, Salmonella, Influenza, Staph, C.diff, and MRSA.

American Dryer hand dryers accomplish this with no need for expensive filters or other high-cost parts. They don’t simply capture the pathogens—they destroy them. How?

ExtremeAir Germ-Killing Capabilities

American Dryer provides three ExtremeAir models each with unique and valuable qualities. Whether you are looking for a chemical-free option, a reliable infrared sensor, or the most eco-friendly model, ExtremeAir has a hand dryer for you.

  • The ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer series features an exclusive Cold Plasma Clean® generator which uses no chemicals and is 100% maintenance free. This model is able to ensure that not only is it energy efficient for your wallet, but it also contributes no harmful ozone emissions.
  • The ExtremeAir GXT hand dryers uses heated, high-velocity air to dry hands in 10-12 seconds but also contains an infrared sensor that stops running when the hands are pulled away to conserve energy that longer timers may waste.
  • The ExtremeAir EXT hand dryers contain ECO no heat technology which can dry hands in 10-15 seconds without using more than 500-300 watts of adjustable power. ECO models are so energy efficient that you could install three models on the same breaker that would support just one of a different product.

No matter which American hand dryer model you choose, it will come with these outstanding benefits:

  • Fully adjustable controls that fine-tune noise, power usage, and performance levels. Now the same dryer can serve a library or sports stadium equally well.
  • High-performance heating elements that dry hands much faster than competing brands.
  • The rugged reliability and peace of mind that comes with buying products made in the USA.
  • High quality, long lasting American Hand Dryer parts.

We’re proud to offer free shipping to all 50 states as well as quantity discounts. So place your order today, either online or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-535-4393.

Handy Hand Dryer Facts

Automatic hand dryers represent the single most hygienic hand-cleaning method available on earth. This is because there’s no danger of cross-contamination between users and no piles of paper towels left behind to breed germs and disease.

AD90 American Dryer Advantage HAND DRYER - White ABS - Auto - Universal Voltage-American Dryer-Allied Hand Dryer
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AD90 American Dryer Advantage HAND DRYER - White ABS - Auto - Universal Voltage

American Dryer

Advantage AD90 (White ABS) Automatic Hand Dryer, Surface-Mounted (now by WORLD DRYER) White ABS Cover, 5 Year Warranty & Universal Voltage LOWE...

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