Palmer Fixture Hand Dryers

Allied carries a wide variety of hand dryers produced by Palmer Fixture, including the BluStorm, EcoStorm and iStorm models.
Palmer Fixture ECOTAP HD0935-09 Ultra Series - Dry Hands at the Sink-Our Hand Dryer Manufacturers-Palmer Fixture-ECOTAP Palmer (110V/120V) HD0935-09-Allied Hand Dryer

PALMER FIXTURE EcoTap HAND DRYER HD0935-09 Ultra Series - Automatic Deck-Mounted Stainless Steel Hand Dryer at Sink

Palmer Fixture

ECO TAP HD0950-09 HAND DRYER by PALMER FIXTURE®- Hands-Free, Counter-Top Mounted, Stainless Steel Hand Dryer with Undermount Motor, 110V/120V LO...

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