Bathroom Hand Dryers

Improve Your Facilities with Bathroom Hand Dryers

Restroom hand dryers offer many solutions to the problems and hassles that come along with using paper towels. This makes them a winning choice for any business or institutional restroom. Here’s why:

  • Paper towels require large numbers of trees and vast amounts of water to make. To manufacture a single ton takes as many as 17 trees and as much as 20,000 gallons of water.
  • It’s estimated that 40% of the waste generated by the typical office building comes from paper towel use.
  • Paper towels, being non-recyclable, cost a staggering amount of money over time. This may not be readily apparent, as the per-roll price may seem quite low. When multiplied by the vast number of towels used on a monthly or annual basis, however, the true expense quickly becomes clear.
  • The sticker cost for paper towels does not include the expenses of shipping, storing, stocking, and disposing of them. These are all resources that could be put to better use, like cutting your operations costs or enhancing your bottom line.

Modern vs. Older Hand Dryers: the Difference is Real

Every now and then you may hear some of the following complaints about bathroom hand dryers:

  • They don’t dry hands well.
  • They take forever.
  • They’re loud.
  • They’re unsafe.

In reality, none of these claims are true of modern units, though they may have been partially correct about the ones built a long time ago. Today’s hand dryers offer the following benefits:

  • Fast drying times.
  • Quiet motors and other components. In fact, some are designed for use in libraries and other noise-sensitive environments.
  • Multiple safety features that eliminate electric shocks and other hazards.

So, whether you need one or one hundred restroom hand dryers, browse our site and place your order today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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