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Electric Hand Dryers Without Hand Dryer Germs

Our electric hand dryer models offer an affordable, earth-friendly solution to a dilemma facing business owners and managers everywhere: how to control the spread of hand dryer germs in public settings. This is a growing problem in our busy, rapidly expanding society where hundreds or even thousands of people may share the same toilet facilities each day.

This issue of hand dryer germs is of special concern in public restrooms. A recent story on WebMD listed bathrooms as one of the most likely areas to encounter harmful germs. Here are some of the dangers the article mentions:

  • The presence of E. coli and Enterococcus – types of bacteria known for causing severe diarrhea and other dangerous health problems.
  • Restroom sinks, stalls, and counters are prime locations for picking up infectious agents.
  • People touching their nose, mouth, or eyes after becoming contaminated – these are the most common places that germs enter the body.

The best defense against the microbes lurking in public restrooms is thorough hand washing, but drying your hands afterwards can re-expose you to germs, especially when using paper towels. Paper towels have some of the following, specific drawbacks:

  • Users leave behind piles of wet, bacteria-covered pulp in wastebaskets, on the restroom floor, and on counter tops. These germs are then free to multiply and re-infect the environment.
  • The massive costs of constantly buying and replacing paper towel rolls. Studies show that the average person uses 2,400 to 3,000 towels over the course of a year while at work. When you do the math, it becomes clear how quickly this needless expense can add up.
  • The toll all of this non-recyclable waste takes on the environment. Creating one ton of towels requires cutting down 17 trees and using 20,000 gallons of water. Plus, all this garbage takes up substantial amounts of landfill space.

Fortunately, our electric hand dryer models offer a sensible solution, both to the problem of germ-laden restrooms and the drawbacks of paper towels. And thanks to our great pricing and lightning-quick delivery, you can have a modern, high-efficiency electric hand dryer in your restroom in almost no time at all. Place your order today by calling our toll-free number or by using our convenient online form.

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