Automatic Hand Dryers

The Top Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic hand dryers have become common in public buildings like shopping malls, restaurants, and even libraries. These high-tech dryers boast super fast dry times, quiet yet powerful motors, and a host of energy-saving features.

One of the best features of today’s automatic hand dryer is the focus on being environmentally friendly.

Automatic hand dryers make paper towels obsolete, which not only significantly cuts supply costs for owners, but also reduce the number of trees that are destroyed in the paper towel production process as well as the other resources


Automatic Hand Dryers: Top Features and Brands 

Modern hand dryers are packed with a wide range of useful features and top manufacturers like Dyson, American Dryer, and World Dryer, focus on space-saving, quick-dry models that are easy to install and maintain. 

Here are just some of the impressive features that automatic hand dryers have to offer:


  • Dyson: This brand is best known for its Airblade HU02 V Series automatic hand dryers, which feature a smooth V-shaped exterior powered by a newly redesigned 1000W motor that’s up to 30% quieter than its predecessor. These dryers are ADA compliant, sensor activated, and feature dual HEPA filters.
  • American Dryer: A trusted brand, American Dryer produces the popular ExtremeAir series of hand dryers. Featuring outer housings made from a single piece of steel come in a stunning array of finishes like Brushed Satin and Steel Graphite Epoxy, these dryers are as stylish as they are functional.
  • World Dryer: Specializing in both push-button and hands-free automatic hand dryers, World Dryer hand dryers are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring years of reliable use. One of the most popular models, the Nova 1, is an easy to install surface mount dryer with a quiet motor and a slim profile.


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