Palmer Fixture ECOTAP HD0935-09 Ultra Series - Dry Hands at the Sink

by Palmer Fixture

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ECO TAP by PALMER FIXTURE - Counter-Top Mounted, Stainless Steel Spout with Undermount Motor, 110V/120V Hand Dryer (Model HD0935-09) 


The new ECOTAP by Palmer Fixture is a deck-mounted, high-speed hand dryer.  Mounted to the counter top surface and directly over the sink is an attractive, satin stainless steel spout.  The user can dry their hands right after they wash.  All excess water goes down the sink instead of the floor and/or wall.  The bulk of the EcoTap apparatus (the motor, heating element, circuitry) is neatly concealed under the counter and designed for easy, quick disconnect for servicing.  The EcoTap only requires the standard, counter top opening 35 mm (1-3/8").  The “over-the-sink” configuration of the EcoTap saves valuable wall & floor space and keeps the floor dryer, safer, & more hygienic.  The blower & heating element are sensor-activated. There are no handles to turn or buttons to push. The entire operation is hygienically touch-free. The EcoTap has a switch that allows the owner the option of having the heating element activate with the motor or remain off during the drying cycle.  In addition, the motor is variable speed.  Much like a dimmer switch on a light fixture, the motor speed can be adjusted by the owner to any speed between the lowest & highest.  With these two variables, the owner can customize dry time, noise, comfort, & energy consumption to fit any specific application. 

With the heating element set to automatically activate, the EcoTap DH0935 is capable of taking the user’s hands from wet to dry in 10 to 15 seconds.  The faster dry time means less electricity is used.  Durable and vandal-resistant, the deck-mounted spout is made of #304 stainless steel with a brushed (satin) finish.  At an impressive speed of 29,000 RPM, the EcoTap’s powerful brush-type, dual-ball-bearing motor is capable of producing an air velocity of 19,882 linear feet per minute (225.9 mph) and a volume of 32 cubic feet per minute (when set to the highest speed).  A temperature increase of 45°F is created with an ambient air temperature of 77°F.  Both the motor and the heating element (if set by the owner in the ON position) are activated automatically by an infrared sensor (sensor range adjustable from 4" to 9").  Actual dry time is dependent on the variable settings, but the length of the run time is determined by the user.  As soon as the user's hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is terminated.  This unit has a water ingress rating of IP35.  At 68.5 dB to 70.5 dB (at 1 meter), the EcoTap is much quieter than most other high-speed hand dryers.  Each unit comes with a 3 year manufacturer's parts warranty. 


While compatible with most sink types, the EcoTap should not be installed with sinks that do not meet a minimum depth of 118 mm (counter top surface to bottom of sink).  If sink id made of stainless steel, add an extra 50 mm to this dimension (128 mm).  Sinks with highly polished, reflective surfaces (e.g. bright chrome) are not recommended due to the interference with the infrared sensors.

Please Note: Matching EcoTap WATER spigot & FOAMING SOAP dispenser available soon (see INSTALLED image).

SPOUT (Above the Counter): 6-11/16" High x 1-31/32" Wide x 8-21/32" Deep  (170 mm x 50 mm x 220 mm)
MOTOR HOUSING (Below the Counter): 7-19/32" High (Plus 11-13/16" Flexible Conduit / 30 cm) x 12-3/64" Wide x 5-27/32" Deep (193 mm x 306 mm x 148.5 mm)
WEIGHT: 12.30 lbs. (17.9 lbs Boxed) 
ELECTRICAL SPECS: 110/127 Volts; 7.6 to 8.4 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 840 to 1000 Watts
Water Ingress Protection rated to IP35
5-Year Limited Parts Warranty
FREE SHIPPING via FedEx to anywhere in the Contiguous United States


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