CPC9-SS, American Dryer ExtremeAir - Satin Stainless Steel - Universal Voltage - Cold Plasma

by American Dryer
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eXtremeAir CPC9-SS Automatic, Surface-Mounted, High-Speed Hand Dryer

Stainless Steel Cover with Satin (Brushed) Finish, Cold Plasma Technology, 5 Year Warranty & Universal Voltage

Bring your restrooms and washrooms into the 21st century with eXtremeAir hand dryers. These amazing products with the CPC designation offer groundbreaking "cold plasma" technology. The eXtremeAir CPC Series (Cold Plasma Clean) by the American Dryer Company is the first and only high-speed, warm-air hand dryer to utilize cold plasma (bipolar ionization) technology. Its exclusive Cold Plasma Clean® generator is 100% maintenance free, uses no chemicals, & doesn't create harmful levels of ozone.

Power for the Modern Era

The eXtremeAir CPC9-SS is equipped with a universal voltage motor, meaning the dryer automatically configures itself to be connected to any voltage between 110V and 240V. The newly improved motor comes with a variable speed feature. A hidden control allows the owner to adjust the speed (and therefore sound and energy use) of each unit to its unique installation environment. Plus:

  • The eXtremeAir CPC9-SS patented 5/8 HP motor uses a “powerful series commutated through-flow discharge vacuum motor/blower” design.
  • At 24,000 RPM, this powerful yet extremely efficient motor can produce an air velocity of 16,000 linear feet per minute (with a sound level 83 dB), drying hands three times faster than standard 30-second hand dryers.
  • At maximum speed, the dry time is an amazing 12 to 15 seconds. Dry time is increased, however, if the motor is adjusted to a slower speed.
  • Even at the lowest speed setting, the motor can still produce an air velocity of 10,000 linear feet per minute while reducing sound levels to only 69 dB and power usage to a mere 300 watts. The actual run time for each usage is determined by the user.
  • Universally adaptable voltage settings for easy installation by any qualified electrician.
  • Available stainless steel exterior. Stainless steel is renowned for being highly resistant to bacteria, viruses, and mold, making it the perfect material to use in high moisture environments like public restrooms.
  • Construction from industrial-grade components by craftspeople right here in the U.S.A.
  • Multi-year warranties to protect your investment both now and down the road.

You simply won't find a more sanitary or user-friendly product of its kind anywhere.  Order your new eXtremeAir CPC hand dryer from Allied today to enjoy these perks:

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Order your new eXtremeAir CPC hand dryer from Allied today, and get started on the road to a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.  Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Adjustable Sound & Speed

Innovative technology allows the hand dryer to be adjusted to your preference providing the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound. It's ideal for sports stadiums, schools or a quiet library.

A dial inside the dryer provides easy sound adjustment from 83 to 69 dB, with a speed of 19,000 to 10,000 LFM. There is NO need to upgrade or replace parts.

Universal Voltage

The eXtremeAir CPC9 can be connected to any voltage from 100 to 240 volts, 50Hz/60 Hz. The dryer configures itself to your voltage, making installation easier.

Smart Sensor

Ultra energy-efficient, microprocessor-controlled sensor turns dryer on when hands are under the outlet for up to 35 seconds. Standby power is only one watt. Features RoHS compliant lead-free design.

Ultra Life High Performance Motor

Motor lasts longer and is quieter. The 5/8 HP motor is adjustable from 24,000 to 14,000 RPM. Automatic resetting thermal protector.


The eXtremeAir Series is the most compact hand dryer in the industry. It's 43% smaller than old industry standard high-speed hand dryers.

Vandal Resistant

Two tamper-resistant screws secure the heavy-duty, vandal-resistant cover to the steel base. Motor, heater and electronics are inaccessible to vandals. Air intake is shielded for additional safety. Indestructible one-piece fixed nozzle.

Heating Element

The heating element has an automatic thermal protector and operates in the black range for maximum life.

Heavy-Duty, One-Piece Cover

Stainless Steel with No. 4 Brush Finish (SS).Two tamper resistant screws secure this heavy duty cover to the steel base, making the motor inaccessible to vandals.

5-Year Premium Warranty Includes same-day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts.

Dimensions: 10-1/8" High x 9-3/8" Wide x 5-5/8" DeepWeight: 10 lbs.

Electrical Specification: 110/120 Volts (Requires a dedicated 15 or 20 Amp circuit); 208 Volts; 220/240 Volts; 800 to 1500 Watts; 60 Hz

Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.(UL)Listed. In both the United States and Canada

Made in the U.S.A.

FREE SHIPPING via FedEx to anywhere in the Contiguous United States

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