J-971 Brushed Chrome

The World Dryer J-971 in brushed chrome is proof that good things come in small packages. These dryers offer a fantastic way to provide modern warm-air hand drying to your restroom patrons. Plus, their energy-efficient design and fast drying times will help to slash your operating costs and improve your worker’s productivity. Here are just some of the many benefits the World Dryer J-971 brushed chrome offers:

  • Unbelievably fast 12-second drying time, more than four times as fast as competing models.
  • Infrared operation avoids the need for a complex, germ-attracting start button. Simplifies use and helps to promote a sanitary environment.
  • Low operating noise levels make this dryer a perfect choice for locations where quiet is key, including medical and dental clinics, retirement centers, and libraries.
  • Compact design uses a minimum of wall area, making the J-971 in brushed chrome a space-efficient choice.
  • Attractive chrome exterior is durable and flatters any restroom environment.
  • Multiple voltage settings make installation in virtually any location a snap.
  • Your choice of either plug-in or hard-wired units.
  • Offers more than 90% cost savings when compared to paper towels.
  • The 1100 W motor is thrifty on energy use.
  • Earth-friendly components are fully recyclable, making the J-971 in brushed chrome the environmentally responsible choice.
  • Unit is covered by a multi-year warranty, not that you’ll ever need it.

By ordering your J-971 dryers in brushed chrome from Allied, you’ll also enjoy these added benefits:

  • Low pricing. We not only make our products highly affordable, we will meet or beat any web-based seller’s cost for any item we sell, every time.
  • Quick UPS shipping to anywhere in the United States. More often than not, orders go out the same day our customers place them.
  • Customer support any time you need it, either by calling our toll-free number or by dropping us an e-mail.

So order your J-971 brushed chrome dryers from Allied today.

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