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American Hand Dryer Parts Sold by Allied  

Are you looking for replacement parts for your American automatic hand dryer? If you answered yes, Allied offers a huge selection of American hand dryer parts. We stock any and every part you need to keep your American hand dryer running smoothly. Regular maintenance is essential and ensures your dryer remains in service as much as possible.  When you order from allied you can rest assured that you are getting the best price combined with industry-leading professionals who make sure you get the right part the first time.


Our extensive collection of American hand dryer parts includes the following:


  • American Dryer Recess Kit (brushed stainless steel finish), part number ADA-RK, meets ADA depth requirements and is compatible with American dryer eXtremeAir, Advantage, and Global models
  • American Dryer Recess Kit (white finish), part number ADA-W, fits eXtremeAir, Advantage, and Global series hand dryers
  • ADA Wall Guard, part number ADA-WG, this patent-pending wall guard minimizes moisture on surrounding surfaces, compatible with eXtremeAir (GXT9, CPC9, EXT7) and GX series American Dryer models
  • American Dryer ADA Adapter Plate, part number AP, made of 22-gauge stainless steel with pre-fabricated mounting holes and is compatible with eXtremeAir, Advantage and Global dryers
  • eXtremeAir Cover Wrench & Screw Set, part number ADP-GB232, kit contains 2 screws and 1 Allen wrench, suitable for EXT7, GXT9 eXtremeAir dryers
  • American Dryer Complete Cover Assembly, part numbers ADP-COV-CPC9 and ADP-COV-GXT9 (part number varies based on specific dryer model), fits all current eXtremeAir, Advantage, and Global hand dryer, available in 5 finish options
  • Replacement Outlet Grill & Sensor Lens Cover, part number ADP-GX212, kit includes cover only (sensor sold separately), compatible with GX1, GX1-BG, GX1-C, GX1-M GX3, GX3-BG, GX3-C, GX3-M models
  • American Dryer Replacement Heating Element for 115V and 1725W models, part number ADP-DR218, compatible with various models, contact us for specific part information
  • Replacement HEPA filter for eXtremeAir ADA Hand Dryers, part number WDP-93-10292, suitable for AXT-DB, AXT-DW, AXT-SP, AXT-SS dryer models
  • American Dryer Blower Motor Replacement, part number ADP-GXT217, 230V/60Hz, compatible with GXT8, GXT8-M, GXT8-SS EXT4, EXT4-M, EXT4-SS dryers
  • 230V Circuit Board Replacement, part number ADP-DR224, 30-second timer interval, fits the 230V versions of A80, DR30, DR35, DRC3, GB300, and SP3 dryers
  • eXtremeAir Heating Element, part number ADP-GXT218, works with eXtremeAir universal voltage dryers
  • Replacement Nozzle for eXtremeAir hand dryers, part number ADP-GXT212, compatible with various eXtremeAir dryers, contact us for model-specific replacement part assistance
  • American Dryer Replacement Blower Motor for eXtremeAir dryers, part number ADP-GXT216, fits various eXtremeAir models
  • Replacement Sensor Lens Kit, part number ADP-DR242, fits all automatic dryer versions

Allied is a leading supplier for all of your automatic hand dryer original unit and genuine replacement part needs. From HEPA filters to sensors to heating elements, Allied stocks all the parts needed to maintain your automatic hand dryer. We offer fast same-day shipping and all of our products covered by our Price Match Guarantee. If you find a better price on any of our products within 1 year of making a purchase from Allied, we will happily refund the price difference.

We carry a wide assortment of automatic hand dryers for most major brands including, but not limited to, Toto, World Dryer, Nova, Pinnacle Dryer and BluStorm. It doesn’t matter if you own a recent model or need replacement parts for a dryer you’ve owned for years, Allied has all the parts to keep your dryer running in peak condition. Even if you’re not sure of the replacement part you need, our trained staff is always happy to assist in selecting parts. Each Allied representative is an expert in automatic dryer installation and operation can be reached with a quick phone call to (800) 535-4393.

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