Dyson Tap Hand Dryers

What if you could make your customers’ washing and drying experience faster? More efficient? More convenient? With Dyson tap hand dryers, you can do just that — and with only one, single product.

Dyson tap hand dryers replace traditional spouts, faucets, and dryers and deliver a two-for-one experience: washing and drying all in the same device.

Here’s what sets Dyson’s tap dryers apart:

  • Wash and dry at the same sink — No need to move around the restroom or clog up the walkways. Users can wet their hands, apply soap, rinse, and dry all from the same spot.
  • 14-second drying time — From start to finish, drying only takes a matter of seconds.
  • No drips or mold-breeding moisture — Dyson tap hand dryers use a built-in tank to keep dripping water from dirtying up your space or making it a hazard. This also cuts down on the potential for bacteria growth and mold, as moisture breeds these unwanted (and unsanitary) elements.
  • Antimicrobial — Built-in HEPA filters capture 99 percent of bacteria-sized particles, keeping your restroom air cleaner and more sanitary overall.
  • Hands-free and easy — Completely sensor-activated, Dyson tap dryers have no buttons or levers, and users can activate simply by placing their hands underneath the device.
  • Fewer electricity costs — Because the Dyson dries hands faster and more efficiently, it cuts down on overall energy usage. That means fewer electric costs and an eco-friendlier operation over time.

On average, the Dyson tap costs just $48 per year to run — compare that to traditional hand dryers or worse, paper towels, and you can save up to 97 percent in dryer costs every year. Throw in its convenience, ease of use, and sanitary features, and this is the dryer of the future. Want to upgrade your facility with one of our Dyson tap hand dryers? Contact us today to place your order. We ship free across the U.S.

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