Insights from a Sustainable Office Space

Insights from a Sustainable Office Space

From inception, the goal was clear: to create a workplace that epitomized beauty, health, and sustainability. 

Driven by this vision, Excel Dryer embraced the WELL Building Standard® as a guide, aiming to set new standards in design and sustainability through innovative technologies and products. The outcome? A 5,000-square-foot facility expansion that merges functionality with a dedication to health, well-being, and environmental responsibility.

Innovative Features in Action

In their quest for the perfect office space, the company ventured beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating cutting-edge elements like integrated sink systems featuring Excel’s XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer, advanced air purification technologies, and a “living wall” of greenery. Collectively, these eco-conscious enhancements elevate the aesthetic while prioritizing employee comfort and wellness.

Sharing the Experience

While completing the visionary project was a milestone, the team saw it as just the beginning. Excel Dryer is now eager to share their journey through The Well Building Standard – Commercial Office Space, a new continuing education unit (CEU) course the company is offering in partnership with the Architectural Records Continuing Education Center.


More than valuable education, the program is a platform for innovation and collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to explore new possibilities in healthy and sustainable design, drawing inspiration from the Excel team's experiences and applying insights to their own projects. As a member of the Works with WELL Network—their signature products are featured in the Works with WELL Directory—Excel is proud to lead this charge and encourages architects, designers and the broader community to join the dialogue.


Get more information on this CE program and register.

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