Keeping Your Bathroom Hand Dryers Clean

Keeping your bathroom hand dryers clean is quick and easy. The exterior surface of the unit requires using only a general-purpose cleaner and a cloth or microfiber rag to remove dust and fingerprints. You may want to apply a liquid sanitizer once or twice daily to prevent germs from building up on the surface of the unit. You should also clean the outside of the air inlets to remove any built-up material.

If your location is a manufacturing or service facility that creates cloth or other types of loose fibers, then it may be a good idea to open the unit and clean the air inlets from the inside. You'll find directions for doing so in the manual packaged with your bathroom hand dryers.

Some of our products come with a pre-installed HEPA filter. These units remove more than 99.9% of airborne contaminants, enhancing your restroom's hygiene and overall environment. These filters do require occasional replacement, but the task is quite simple. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved.

Important note: This is a general overview of the topic. Consult the information that comes with your bathroom hand dryers for specific product-related instructions.

  • 1.Remove the exterior casing of the dryer using the access key that came with the unit. It's a good idea to keep this key on a keychain or in a locked strongbox.
  • 2.Remove the old filter. This should require no special tools.
  • 3.Put in the new filter.
  • 4.Close and lock the exterior casing.
  • 5.Test the dryer for proper function.

That's it! As you can see, bathroom hand dryers require almost no care at all. This is especially true when compared to the endless costs and hassle of storing, replenishing, cleaning up, and throwing away endless mounds of germ-laden paper towels.

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