Seven Surprising Myths About Hand Dryers

Much of what you hear about hand dryers is pure myth. Some of it is the result of innocent misunderstandings, while some is due to misinformation from the paper towel industry. We want you to have the facts about modern warm air hand drying so you can make an intelligent decision for your facility. With that in mind, here are seven myths about hand dryers:

  • 1.Hand dryers take forever to dry hands. In reality, many of today’s models take less than 10 seconds to thoroughly dry the user’s skin. Compare this with paper towels, which can take 30 seconds or longer to do the same job.
  • 2.Hand dryers are unsanitary. In fact, modern hand dryers actually promote good restroom hygiene by filtering germs and contaminants out of the air. Plus, many models are made with germ-resistant exteriors that deny microbes a gathering spot.
  • 3.Hand dryers are inefficient. This is perhaps the greatest myth going around today on the subject. A number of studies show that today’s dryers cost well under a penny per operating cycle, making them far more efficient than old-fashioned paper towels.
  • 4.Hand dryers are expensive. To see why this is a myth, simply compare the one-time cost of purchasing hand dryers with the never-ending expenses that comes from buying, transporting, storing, and disposing of endless crates of paper towels.
  • 5.Hand dryers are dangerous. Some people fear that installing dryers in their restrooms carries with it a risk of electric shock. This could not be more untrue. Every unit we sell has multiple built-in safeguards, making them not only economical but utterly safe to use.
  • 6.Hand dryers take up too much space. When compared to having bulky paper towels and towel dispensers in your restrooms, the small amount of room taken up by dryersis inconsequential.
  • 7.Hand dryers aren’t worth the effort of changing from paper towels. In reality, kicking the paper towel habit is perhaps the best decision could make if you’re looking to reduce costs and promote a healthy, sanitary environment in your workplace. So browse our site and order your new hand dryers today.
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