Compact Hand Dryers

Whether you’ve got the largest bathroom on the block or a tiny, one-room stall, we’ve got the hand dryers you need to fully equip your space. That’s why we offer a wide range of small, affordable, and compact hand dryers that won’t eat up real estate or get in the way.

Our compact hand dryers can:

Save on energy — and energy costs.

With a wide variety of energy-efficient and eco-friendly models, our dryers can help you reduce your company’s environmental footprint and your electric bills to boot.

Free up real estate in your restroom.

Forget bulky dryers that take up half your counter space. Our compact hand dryers use minimal room in your restroom, leaving you plenty of area for other fixtures, stalls, and changing stations. We also offer recessed models that help you maximize your real estate even more.

Keep things clean and sanitary.

From sensor-activated models to dryers with built-in water drains, we offer dozens of hand dryer options to keep your space dry and free of germs.

Ensure you’re ADA compliant.

You never have to worry about making sure you're in line with ADA regulations when purchasing our hand dryers. All our products are fully ADA compliant.

Make things easy on your customers.

Give your customers the easiest, most convenient restroom experience possible. Choose dryers with ultra-fast drying times, touchless activators, and more.

Save Space With Allied’s Compact Hand Dryers

Want to deliver a great restroom experience but don’t have much space to offer it in? No problem. Our compact hand dryers can help you do it. Plus, we offer absolutely free shipping and will price-match any cost you see listed on the web. There’s no more an affordable, faster, or convenient deal on the market — hands down. Check out our compact hand dryers now and see for yourself. 

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